7 low-fat parathas to relish this winter

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 15, 2023

Vegetable Paratha

Mix grated carrots, spinach, and finely chopped coriander into the dough for a nutritious and colourful paratha.

Methi Paratha

Incorporate finely chopped fresh fenugreek leaves into the dough for a flavorful and low-fat option.

Oats Paratha

Blend oats into the flour to create a paratha that is high in fiber and lower in fat.

Multigrain Paratha

Combine various flours like whole wheat, gram flour and soy flour for a nutrient-packed, low-fat option.

Sweet Potato Paratha

Use mashed sweet potatoes in the dough for a slightly sweet and nutritious paratha.

Bajra Paratha

Bajra flour is nutritious and can be used to make low-fat parathas with a unique flavour.

Cabbage Paratha

Grate cabbage finely and mix it into the dough for a crunchy and low-calorie paratha.

Spinach Paratha

Combine chopped spinach with low-fat paneer (cottage cheese) to create a protein-rich and flavorful paratha.