7 remedies to get rid of stubborn dark patches from neck

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Aug 17, 2023

Lemon Juice

The natural bleaching properties of lemon juice can help in lightening dark patches. Apply lemon juice for a few minutes and then rinse off

Potato Juice

Potato juice contains enzymes that may aid in lightening dark skin. Apply potato juice for about 15 minutes and then rinse


Cucumber has a soothing and lightening effect on the skin. Apply grated cucumber to the neck and leave it on for a while before washing off

Yogurt and Oatmeal Scrub

Create a gentle exfoliating scrub by mixing yogurt and oatmeal. Gently massage this mixture onto the neck, then rinse to reveal smoother skin

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera has skin-healing properties and can help fade dark spots. Apply it to the neck and leave it on for 20-30 minutes before rinsing

Turmeric Paste

Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Create a paste by mixing turmeric with milk, apply it on the neck and wash off after it dries

Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil can nourish and moisturize the skin, potentially reducing the appearance of dark patches. Massage it onto the neck and wash it off

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