7 Diseases that made headlines in 2023

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 13, 2023


Dengue was one of the main diseases that affected a majority of the population this year in India. Despite control measures, many got dengue in 2023.


Many countries including China have reported mysterious pneumonia cases. Many have even been hospitalised.

Novel infectious diseases

Novel infectious diseases have also been on the rise in 2023. This stressed on the importance of global preparedness and surveillance.

Drug-Resistant Infections

Drug-resistant infections have also been on the rise in 2023.Antibiotic resistance has become a main reason for concern.


Covid-19 continues to be a menace in countries around the world. Till today the battle with COVID-19 continues in countries like USA.

Mental Health Issues

Post-pandemic, the focus has shifted to mental well being. Mental health gathered increased attention in 2023.

Vector Borne Diseases

Vector-borne diseases like Zika and Chikungunya were also on the rise in countries like South America.