7 Bizarre wedding traditions from across the world

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 04, 2023

Trash The Couple

Scottish people have a different and messy pre-wedding tradition where the bride and groom are pelted with food trash, including rotten eggs & milk.

Spit On The Bride

At Maasai weddings in Kenya, it is a tradition that the father spits on his daughter's head to bless her!

Shoot Your Bride

Yes, that's right, in China, The Yugurs community follow a wedding tradition where the groom shoots the bride 3 times with a blunt arrow.

No Toilet Usage For 3 Days

Indonesian newlyweds are locked up in a room for 3 days after their wedding and are even forbidden from using the washroom!

Beat The Groom

If you are a groom from South Korea, be prepared to be tied up and beaten by your friends with fish and canes.

Riddles For The Groom

In Assam, when a groom comes to get his bride, he must answer riddles to get past the bridesmaids and proceed with the wedding.

Cry A River

The Tujian ethnic minority of China asks the bride to start crying for an hour every day, from one month before the wedding.