6 Ways to curl your hair without heating tools

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 26, 2023

Braid Your Hair

The easiest and safest method to curl your hair is to tie them in tight plaits and leave them over night.

Use Straw Rollers

Take some straw rollers and wrap your wet hair around it. Let it dry naturally for bouncy curls.

Use Flexi Rods

Easily available in the market, flexi rods are another great way to curl your hair without using heat.

Headband Curls

This new TikTok trend helps you curl your hair using a headband. Just twirl some hair into a headband and sleep overnight.

Use Socks

Use socks to create the perfect curls. Tie your hair in small portions with socks and keep them overnight.

Use Bobby Pins

Another method of hair curling is using bobby pins. Tie your hair in small portions using bobby pins and clips to get naturally curly hair.