Weight gain to cancer risk: 6 Side effects of eating too much protein

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Feb 03, 2024

Do Not Overdose On Protein

While protein is necessary for a balanced diet, eating too much of it will cause more harm than good. Here are some side effects.

Weight Gain

Overconsumption of protein-rich foods can contribute to excess calorie intake and, consequently, weight gain.

Bad Breath

If you have too much proteins and do not consume carbohydrate, you may get bad breath. Doctors suggest regular brushing as the best solution.

Increased Cancer Risk

Many reports suggests that higher protein consumption is linked to increased risk of cancer. Avoid having red meat in excess.

Digestive Issues

Over consumption of protein laden foods like chicken and fish can cause diarrhoea.

Kidney Problems

A high protein diet, which if one goes overboard can cause kidney damage even in healthy individuals.

Heart Issues

Animal-based protein like red meat, processed meat, and foods can cause more bad than good to your heart. Make sure to switch to plant-based proteins.