6 Paneer dishes for weight loss you can’t miss out

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Oct 23, 2023

Paneer salad

Paneer is a superb protein source that can be incorporated into salads to enhance their nutritional value.

Paneer stir-fry

By incorporating a selection of vegetables and lightly sautéing it, paneer can be transformed into a highly nutritious dish.

Paneer and capsicum wrap

Another delightful way to savour paneer is by creating a wrap with it, complemented by additions like capsicum or other vegetables.

Paneer sandwich

Paneer sandwich is a tasty and healthy option to go for if you are on a weight loss diet yet wanna enjoy a delicious meal.

Paneer and veg soup

Opting for a soup with paneer and assorted vegetables is a reliable choice for relishing your weight loss-friendly meals.

Paneer omelette

Mix grated paneer with egg and other vegetables (Optional) and enjoy a healthy and yummy meal.

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