6 Easy tips to darken your mehendi

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Sep 22, 2023

Henna oil

Before applying mehndi, consider using henna oil on your hands. This technique is known to accentuate the colour of the mehndi design.

Tea or coffee powder

Opt for tea, coffee-infused water instead of water when preparing mehndi. Both contain pigments that can contribute to a deeper & richer hue.

Lemon & sugar

Once your mehendi has thoroughly dried, create a mixture using lemon juice and sugar. Gently apply this mixture onto your hands using a cotton ball.

Try clove smoke

Heat a few cloves in an iron pan and hold your hands over the rising smoke. Keep them in this position for as long as you can tolerate.

Apply vicks

Gently rub your hands together to remove the dried mehendi. Take a generous amount of Vicks and apply it evenly across your hands.

Mustard oil

Apply mustard oil, or any other type of pickle oil, onto your hands. This can contribute to a more vibrant and striking mehndi design.

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