6 Bizarre sex laws in these countries will leave you stunned

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 04, 2023

Sleeping Naked is a no no Here!

In some parts of Minnesota, USA, you cannot sleep naked because it is illegal.

Kissing is a Crime?

When in Dubai, refrain from kissing your partner as that may get you in some deep trouble!

Mother Should Be A Witness

According to reports, in Colombia it is legal and normal for a mom to be present on her daughter's first night. Bizarre much?

No Cheating Allowed

In Colombia, if the wife cheats on the man and he catches her in a physical act, he can kill her.

Masturbation Can Get You Arrested

Be ready for jail time of 32 months if you masturbate in Indonesia!

Sex, Only At Night

In Iran, sex during daylight hours is not allowed! If you are caught in any sexual activity before sunset, you may face legal charges!