6 Best regional breakfast dishes that are a must try

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 05, 2023

Jolpaan from Assam

Jolpaan is made of ground roasted rice, flattened rice (chira) and puffed rice. It is eaten with jaggery and curd.

Phara from Chattisgarh

This breakfast dish from Chattisgarh is made with rice, spices, and sesame seeds. The sticks are sauteed in curry leaves and red chillies.

Sheer Chai from Kashmir

Forget kahwah, try Sheer Chai from Kashmir. Best paired with some hot and fresh bread.

Jalebi-Poha from Madhya Pradesh

What better combo than a few pieces of hot jalebi combined with some tasty poha for a hot Indian breakfast?

Luchi Sabzi from West Bengal

Bengalis love some luchi (puri made of maida) and aloo sabzi. Though it is oily, this breakfast is great for special occasions.

Uppu Urundai from Tamil Nadu

Uppu Urundai from Tamil Nadu are steamed rice dumplings and make for a filling low-calorie breakfast option.