What are the provisions in the Uttarakhand UCC draft bill?

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Feb 06, 2024

UCC bill

Uttarakhand plans to bring in a Uniform Civil Code, which aims at establishing common civil laws. The provisions in the draft bill are as follows

Ban on polygamy

A complete ban on polygamy across religions. Current exemptions, notably for Muslim marriages, will be removed.

Ban on child marriage

Increase and standardise marriageable age for girls across all faiths. Fix marriageable age for men across religions.

Outlawed practices

Bill would make halala, iddat and triple talaq (Islamic practices governing divorce and remarriage of women) punishable offences.

Equal before law

Uniform process for divorce aimed at fostering gender equality. Simplified adoption rights to everyone, including Muslim women.

Inheritance rights

Equal property rights for sons and daughters, legitimate and illegitimate children, adopted and biologically born children.

Mandatory marriage registration

Couples failing to register their marriages will be ineligible for government facilities.

Outside wedlock

Live-in relationships can be declared and registered under law.


Scheduled Tribes constituting 3% of Uttarakhand's population will not come under the proposed law.

First among states

If implemented, Uttarakhand would become the first state to adopt a Uniform Civil Code after independence.