Security breach in Lok Sabha: What we know so far

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 13, 2023

Attack in Parliament

On the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attack, two men entered Lok Sabha on Wednesday and opened canisters that emitted yellow-coloured smoke.

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Men tried to enter the Well

They jumped from desk to desk and tried to head towards the Well of the House.

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‘Tanashahi nahi chalegi'

Protestors were chanting ‘Tanashahi nahi chalegi‘. They have been detained.

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House got adjourned

The attackers were caught by MPs and brought out by security personnel. The House was adjourned.

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Unidentified men

Identities of the two men who entered Lok Sabha are yet to be disclosed.

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Attackers outside Parliament

Two more protesters, a man named Amol from Maharashtra and a woman named Neelam from Haryana, were also held from outside the Parliament.

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