People who became victims of deepfake in recent past

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 24, 2023

Deepfake menace

In the recent past, several famous personalities fell prey to deepfake including Rashmika Mandanna, Sara Tendulkar, Ratan Tata, among others.

Rashmika Mandanna's deepfake

A video went viral in which Rashmika Mandana was seen entering a lift in black top and shorts but it wasn't her. It was a deepfake video.

Kajol's deepfake

In a video, Kajol's head was morphed into the body of a woman who was trying on a yellow dress.

Katrina Kaif's deepfake

Katrina Kaif's picture went viral in which she was seen in a bikini set with hands resting on her breasts. People pointed out that it was deep fake.

Ratan Tata's deepfake

A deepfake video went viral in which Ratan Tata was seen luring unsuspecting individuals into an online betting scam.

Sara Tendulkar's deepfake

Sara Tendulkar's morphed image was circulated on the internet and she showed concern about the same by sharing a post about it online.