Ram Mandir: key features of the newly-built temple in Ayodhya

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 17, 2024


The consecration ceremony of the Ram temple will take place on January 22. Following this, the temple will be open for the devotees from Jan 23.

Key features

The key features of the temple include Nagara-style architecture, idol of Ram as a child in the main sanctum and 5 pavilions among others.

Nagara-style architecture

Ram Mandir in Ayodhya is being built in traditional Nagara style. The temple will be 380 feet long, 250 feet wide and 161 feet high.

Ram Lalla

There will be an idol of baby Ram or Ram Lalla in the main sanctum and Shri Ram Darbar on the first floor.

5 pavilions

There will be a total of 5 pavilions in the temple: Dance Pavillion, Sabha Pavillion, Prayer Pavillion, Kirtan Pavillion and Colour Pavillion.

4 temples

Tthere will be four temples in four corners dedicated to Bhagwati, Sun, Ganapati and Shiva.


Entry to the temple will be from the east side. To enter, devotees will need to climb 32 stairs from Singhdwar.

Carved pillars

Statues of gods and goddesses are carved on the walls and pillars.

Ancient Shiva temple renovated

The ancient temple of Shiva has been renovated on Navratna Kuber Tila in the south-western part and Jatayu statue has been installed too.