Rahul Gandhi denied entry to Batadrava Satra Temple, know key facts

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 22, 2024

Rahul Gandhi denied entry to temple

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Jan 22 alleged that he was denied entry to Batadrava Satra temple, the birthplace of Srimanta Sankardev in Assam.

Why was Rahul Gandhi denied entry?

The Management Committee stated that due to massive gathering at shrine, they faced difficulty in welcoming Rahul Gandhi during that time.

Rahul Gandhi asked to visit post 3 pm

The managing committee of Batadrava Than requested Gandhi to visit the place after 3 pm today.

Temple established in 1494

Srimanta Sankardev established it at the age of 19 in 1494. It was the first Namghar/Than constructed. Purush sanghati norms are practised here.


The Than Satra is surrounded by a brick wall and has two entrances. It covers an area of 4 acres in Nagaon. It comprises various structures.

History of disputes

Bordowas Than has history of disputes over ownership that led to its division into 2 Satras - Narowa & Salaguri. Later, in 1958, it was reunified.

Doul Mohotsava

A festival named Doul Mohotsava takes place every year which is a major attraction for the devotees in Bordowa.