NCRB 2022 report out: does the data reveal reality?

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 06, 2023

Registered crime vs actual crime

NCRB records 'registered' crimes, not 'actual' crimes. So, when number of reported crimes rises, it might be due to increased awareness.

Rise in crime or increase in registration?

NCRB says, "'Rise in crime’ and ‘increase in registration of crime by police’ are two different things, a fact which requires better understanding."

Local level data

Since the report only compiles data submitted at the local level, a shortage of police officers may hinder the collection of data.

Crime rate

The actual number of crimes is likely to be higher in cities with higher population, hence the “crime rate” is calculated per unit of population.

Principal Offence Rule

Data is published using the 'Principal Offence Rule,' meaning-among the many registered offences in single FIR, only most heinous one is considered.


If a case of 'murder with rape' is filed, only the offence of murder will be counted, while the rape charge will be ignored.