Mizoram elections 2023: Key promises made in manifestos

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 06, 2023

Mizoram prepares for election

India’s northeastern state Mizoram is set for its Assembly elections on November 7. Campaigning ended on November 5 at 4 PM.

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The Mizo National Front is currently in power in Mizoram. Zoramthanga took office in Dec. 2018 and is currently the Chief Minister of the state.

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BJP promised to launch the LOTUS scheme if elected to power. The scheme expands to livelihood, opportunity, transformations and upliftment.

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Congress announced welfare measures for Mizoram. It vowed cheap LPG, assured pensions for the elderly and health coverage.

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Seeking a second term, the MNF promised to reunite the Zohnahthlaks community under ‘one administration.’

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Zoram People’s Movement

The Zoram People’s Movement has also vowed to reunite the Zo community and a “new system.” It also presented itself as an “anti-incumbent party.”

Image Credit: PTICongress in Mizoram