How Mahua reacted to expulsion

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 08, 2023

Mahua 'Expulsion'

There is no evidence of any cash or any gifts, anywhere. There are no rules to govern the sharing of the logins.

If this govt thought they were going to get away with Adani issue, this kangaroo court has only shown how important Adani is for Modi

Tomorrow the CBI will be sent to my house... I'm sure, they will harass me but I would like to ask what about the Rs 13,000 crore coal scam of Adani

I am 49 & I will fight you for the next 30 years -- inside Parliament, outside Parliament, in the gutter, on the streets

This is the beginning of your end, 'Jab naash manush par chahta hai toh pehle Vivek mar jaata hai'