Meet Padma Shree awardee Chami Murmu

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 26, 2024

Environmental warrior

Chami Murmu is an environmental activist from Saraikela Kharsawan in Jharkhand, who has been selected for this year’s Padma Shri award.

28 lakh trees, 500 villages

Chami Murmu has planted more than 28 lakh trees in more than 500 villages. Her journey as an environmental activist began in 1988.

What inspired her journey

Chami said villagers were cutting trees for cooking fuel, “I could see vast tracts of barren land in my area and started planting trees.”

Major setback in 1996

In 1996, she faced a major setback as she planted over 1 lakh saplings but the men in the village destroyed all of it. Culprits were later arrested.

Formed 2,800 self-help groups

Chami has formed 2,800 Self Help Groups, secured bank loans and credits for 30,000 women members to start their own businesses.

‘Sahyogi Mahila’

Her NGO has pioneered initiatives for safe motherhood, combatting anemia and malnutrition, and prioritising the education of adolescent girls.

Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Puraskar

In 2000, the government recognised her efforts and awarded her the ‘Indira Priyadarshini Vrikshamitra Puraskar’.