After brush with death, Anurag Maloo eyes Mt Annapurna again

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 07, 2023

Anurag Maloo's incomplete dream

A week out of the hospital, Indian mountaineer Anurag Maloo now wants to summit Mount Annapurna in Nepal.

Image Credit: Instagram

Maloo had a near-death experience in April this year during the same climb. He fell down a 70-metre-deep crevasse, sustaining major injuries.

Image Credit: Instagram

Rushed to the hospital after a complex rescue, Maloo spent 200 days at AIIMS Delhi. He was treated for organ damage and two frostbites.

Maloo does not recollect much from his rescue, he told Indian Express. ‘Doctors gave me CPR for 4 hours before shifting me to Kathmandu,’ he said.

Calling Annapurna the ‘mother mountain,’ the 34-year-old wishes to re-attempt the difficult 21-day climb.

Mount Annapurna in Nepal has an altitude of 8,091 meters, making it the 10th highest peak in the world.

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