Air quality dips post-Diwali, check AQI of these cities

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 13, 2023

Delhi-NCR’s AQI in poor category

Delhi-NCR cities witnessed post-Diwali AQI levels in the poor to very poor category, with readings ranging from 249 to 289.

Bengaluru, Mumbai recorded moderate AQI

Both cities exhibited a moderate AQI, with Bengaluru at 132 and Mumbai at 189.

Pune & Kolkata recorded poor AQI

Following Diwali, the air quality stood in the 'poor' category in Pune and Kolkata. While Pune saw an AQI of 243, Kolkata recorded 225.

Chennai recorded poor AQI

Chennai recorded an AQI of 256, indicating 'poor' air quality following Diwali celebrations.

Some cities recorded AQI above 300 mark

Balasore, Bathinda, Begusarai, and Bhagalpur recording extremely high levels AQI ranging from 338 to 397.