Top 5 viral moments of Kim Taehyung; when BTS V took internet by storm

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 30, 2023

'Niagara pho pho'

An excited Tae-Tae was showing his fans that he had come to visit Niagara falls. The video however soon turned into a meme-fest.

Image Credit: Run BTS

The 'Squid Game' look

Not only LA, but the entire internet went into frenzy when V performed in a 'Squid Game' costume

Image Credit: Twitter

Instagram debut

V set the world record for the fastest person to gain 60 million followers when the singer debuted on Instagram.

Image Credit: Instagram

'TATA mic' face

During one of the 'Run BTS' episodes, V wanted a specific mic, his expressions asking for the same, are now a GIF.

Image Credit: Run BTS

When V flirted with Olivia

Entire world was left wondering about what did V whisper to Olivia. This was during BTS' performance at Grammys.

Image Credit: Twitter