Poonam Pandey dies at 32: Here are her top controversies

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Feb 02, 2024

‘Would strip if India won’

During World Cup 2011, Poonam promised that she would strip if India won, however BCCI didn’t allow her to do so.

Image Credit: Instagram

Leaked bathroom video

Poonam’s bathroom video got leaked online where she was seen dancing. The video was later removed by YouTube.

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Arrest during COVID-19 lockdown

The actor stepped out of her house with her husband during strict lockdown. She was arrested by the Mumbai Police.

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Launch of ‘Pandey App’

Poonam launched an app in 2017 where she posted her bold pictures, but it was immediately removed by Google.

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Case against husband

Poonam got married to Sam in 2020 and within few days she had accused her husband of molesting and assaulting her.

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