Mind-bending OTT shows: 7 gems to watch

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 15, 2023

Black Mirror

A dystopian anthology series that explores the dark and often unsettling sides of modern society and technology.

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Set in a futuristic Wild West-themed amusement park, this series delves into the blurred lines between artificial intelligence and humanity.

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Stranger Things

Combining elements of science fiction, horror, and supernatural, this show follows a group of kids as they encounter strange occurrences.

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The OA

A mysterious and metaphysical drama that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy, challenging viewers to question what is possible.

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Mr. Robot

This psychological thriller revolves around a cybersecurity expert with dissociative identity disorder as he becomes involved in a hacktivist group.

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A German science fiction thriller that involves time travel, intricate family dynamics, and a complex narrative that spans multiple generations.

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Altered Carbon

Set in a future where consciousness can be transferred between bodies, this cyberpunk series explores themes of identity, morality, and power.

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