'The Tonight Show': Jungkook's 5 shocking confessions

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 09, 2023

The greatest fear

Jungkook revealed that he is extremely scared of microwaves. He said, 'I am always worried that it would explode.'

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Solo tour

He revealed that he wants to do a world tour as a solo artist but doesn't have enough songs. His upcoming 'Golden' concert is scheduled on Nov. 20.

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BTS reaction

Jungkook shared his song 'Golden' with other members of BTS and asked for their opinion. They said, 'It's great'.

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The sleeping livestream

Once, Jungkook slept for 45 minutes during a LIVE session and 6MN people tuned in to watch him. He said fans liked it, but it was 'embarrassing'.

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Jungkook revealed that he likes to spend the day in his bed, and exercise whenever he can.

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