Jacqueline Fernandez birthday: A look at her notable work

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Aug 11, 2023

Race 2

Jacqueline starred as Omisha, who gets involved in a plot revolving around money and revenge.

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Jacqueline starred as Shaina, a psychiatrist, and Salman Khan’s character Devi's love interest.

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The film delves into the brothers' tumultuous relationship. Jacqueline played Jenny Fernandes, the wife of David Fernandes, played by Akshay Kumar.

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This film involved street racing and a grand theft plan. Jacqueline played Tara, who pulls off a heist against a corrupt government official.

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Housefull 2

4 men aid one another in confusing their intended fathers-in-law, resulting in chaos. Jacqueline played John Abraham’s love interest.

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