Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol part ways: a timeline of relationship

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 13, 2023

'Reply 1988' Bond

Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri grew close during their collaboration on 'Reply 1988' in 2015.

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Agencies Confirm Relationship

Their relationship, rumoured to have started in 2016, was officially acknowledged by their agencies in August 2017.

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Juggling Busy Lives

In a November 2019 interview, Hyeri revealed that despite busy schedules, they were happily dating and saw each other frequently.

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Private Love Story

With a seven-year age difference, Jun Yeol being 34 and Hyeri 27, the couple kept their relationship private.

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The Rumours

Despite breakup rumours, photos of Hyeri and Jun Yeol on a restaurant date surfaced in June 2021.

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Confirming Breakup

On November 13, both C-JeS Studios and Creative Group ING confirmed the couple's breakup after social media reports circulated.

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