Happy birthday Venky Mama! Top 10 Venkatesh Daggubati movies

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 13, 2023

Malliswari (2004)

Visakhapatnam bank employee Prasad loves Malliswari, an heiress pursued for murder, causing him trouble in love.

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Drushyam (2014)

Cable operator Rambabu protects his family entangled in a serious crime, going to extremes to safeguard them.

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Gopala Gopala (2015)

Atheist Gopala Rao faces a crisis until Govinda Hari's visit brings a miraculous turnaround in his life.

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Raja (1999)

A fateful encounter changes the life of one man who previously committed petty thefts with his friend.

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Unnaipol Oruvan (2009)

A common man avenges innocent deaths by manipulating terrorism's power against the perpetrators in a train bombing.

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Kshana Kshanam (1991)

Satya and Chandu's unexpected road trip turns into a chase by eccentric bank robber Nayar and Inspector Yadav.

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Guru (2017)

Boxer Aditya mentors Rameshwari, a vendor, but clashes arise due to his tough training and her hostile demeanor.

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Taqdeerwala (1995)

Yamraj and Chitragupt seek a lost destiny book on Earth, only to find it held by an unwilling man.

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Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule (2007)

Ganesh loves Keerthi, joins her workplace, but finds she's engaged, altering their story unexpectedly.

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Nenjamellam Pala Vannam (2013)

Unemployed brothers endure ridicule, impacting their bonds and love lives amid financial struggles.

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