8 must-watch K-dramas slated for release in November

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 01, 2023

Moon in the Day

This K-drama is a story of a man and a woman who experience time differently from each other. It will be a fun watch.

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It is a story about a student of a police academy who turns a vigilante at night. It's filled with thrill and suspense.

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Goryeo-Khitan War

The story is based on a true historical war and events. It contains numerous interesting turns and twists. Don't forget to add it to your next watch.

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Secret Playlist

This drama is all about romance as it's a story of a music idol falling in love with a YouTuber and staying in a secret relationship with her.

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Daily Dose of Sunshine

This drama is about a nurse stuck in a vibrant psychiatric ward of a hospital. It's a combo of suspense and mystery.

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The Story of Park's Marriage Contract

It's gonna be your favourite from the list as it's the story of a woman from the 19th century who time travelled in the 21st century.

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A Bloody Lucky Day

The series is based on a taxi driver who picks up a serial killer and gets stuck with him most mysteriously.

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My Demon

The story is all about a cold-hearted heiress who gets into a contract marriage with a demon.

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