7 Park Min Young K-dramas that you can't afford to miss

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Feb 06, 2024

Queen for Seven Days

A noblewoman becomes a queen after marrying the crown prince. However, she is soon deposed after falling prey to conspiracies.

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Forecasting Love and Weather

An office romance drama that depicts the love and work lives of employees at the Korea Meteorological Administration.

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When the Weather is Fine

A young cellist, having grown tired of the city, moves back to her hometown in this slice-of-life drama about forgiveness, healing, and love.

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Her Private Life

A museum curator finds love in her boss, who turns her biggest cheerleader after learning about her fangirl dreams.

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What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

When a jack-of-all-trades secretary decides to quit her job, her ego-centric boss does everything in his power to change her mind.

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Marry My Husband

When a woman finds out about her best friend's affair with her husband and is murdered by them, she goes back in time to seek her revenge.

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An aspiring reporter falls in love with a mysterious criminal who has been tasked with keeping a strict watch over her.

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