6 Netflix movies to watch on Thanksgiving 2023

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 22, 2023

The Holidate

Netflix rom-com spans all holidays, with Thanksgiving as its pivotal moment, pushing Sloane to confront her feelings for Jackson.

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Love At First Sight

Hadley and Oliver find love on a flight but get separated. Despite slim chances, fate might intervene for their reunion.

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This Is Where I Leave You

Four siblings gather at their childhood home after their father's passing, bonding emotionally with loved ones, including their mother.

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Abbey and Molly's Thanksgiving plans are disrupted when unexpected guests show up, altering their holiday intentions.

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Always Be My Maybe

Sasha, a renowned chef, reunites with Marcus, a struggling musician, igniting sparks but clashing due to their contrasting personas.

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Three friends, feeling neglected on Mother's Day, journey from the suburbs to NYC to reunite with their grown-up sons.

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