World's 11 most valuable brands by country in 2024

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Feb 02, 2024

World’s most Valuable brands

Here's a glimpse into the most valuable brands in 12 nations, showcasing the diverse sectors and industries that contribute to their economic standing

The United States

U.S based Apple, valued at $517 bn, leads with innovation, cutting-edge tech, sleek design, and a robust product ecosystem

South Korea

Samsung, valued at $99 bn, stands as a global electronics giant with a diverse portfolio - smartphones, TVs, and semiconductors


TikTok, valued at $84 bn, swiftly rises as a global player, leveraging engaging content & a vast user base to cement its position in the social media


Deutsche Telekom, valued at $73 bn, leads in telecommunications, embodying a pivotal role with cutting-edge connectivity solution


Toyota, valued at $53 bn, renowned for automotive reliability & innovation, derives brand strength from a commitment to quality and sustainability

The United Kingdom

Shell, valued at $50 bn, an energy sector stalwart, embodies global presence & commitment to innovation, addressing evolving energy needs responsibly

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Aramco, valued at $42 bn, a key player in the oil & gas sector, signifies importance in the global energy market with its brand valuation


Accenture, valued at $41B, leads in consulting & professional services, boasting brand strength from expertise in digital transformation, technology


Louis Vuitton, valued at $32 B, synonymous with luxury, embodies timeless appeal, craftsmanship, & a global reputation in high-end fashion & lifestyle


Tata, valued at $29 bn, a conglomerate with diverse interests, gains brand strength from widespread influence in steel, automotive, and IT industries


Nestle, valued at $21B, leads in food & beverages with brand strength derived from an extensive product portfolio and and commitment to nutrition