IPOs this week: 6 Companies set to raise over ₹500 crore

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Jan 29, 2024

Six IPOs to hit Dalal Street

This week, six companies are set to raise over ₹500 crore through their IPOs, presenting diverse investment opportunities. Let's take a look

BLS E-Services

Subscription for shares opens on Jan 30, closes on Feb 1. Company targets ₹310.91 crore, with a share price band of ₹129 to ₹135

Megatherm Induction

Subscription for the offer, open from Jan 29-31, targets ₹53.91 crore, with a share price band set at ₹100 to ₹108

Harshdeep Hortico

Harshdeep Hortico's IPO, open from January 29-31, aims to raise ₹19.09 crore at ₹42-₹45 per share

Mayank Cattle Food

Issue opens Jan 29, closes Jan 31. Price band ₹108/share. Company aims to raise ₹19.44 Cr in net proceeds

Baweja Studios

Next week's largest IPO, set to raise ₹97.2 crore, opens with a price band of ₹170 to ₹180 per share

Gabriel Pet Straps

It opens for subscription on January 31 and closes on February 2, and is to garner ₹8.06 crore at ₹101 per share