Financial crisis? 5 reasons why gold loans are a good option

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 14, 2023

What are gold loans?

Gold loans are secured loans that can be availed from banks, NBFCs or gold loan companies by providing your gold as a collateral for the loan

Why opt for gold loans

Gold loans offer quick funding for various needs like education, travel or even in emergency. Here're 5 reasons why gold loans are good options

Simple Eligibility

Gold loans come with lenient eligibility criteria, bypassing stringent credit or income checks, making them accessible even for urgent needs

Higher Loan-to-Value Ratio

Gold loans provide substantial cash quickly, leveraging idle gold with a high loan-to-value ratio

Lower Interest Rates

Secured by gold, these loans typically offer lower interest rates compared to other loan types, aiding effective debt management during crises

Flexible Repayment

You can enjoy flexible repayment options, like interest-only payments initially or entire amount at once, providing convenience in managing finance

Swift Processing

Gold loans offer quick, secure, and tech-savvy processing, ensuring instant cash when needed