8 most & least affordable Indian cities to buy a home

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Dec 06, 2023

Knight Frank India Report

The report that tracked the EMI to Income ratio for an average household has showed that the prices of homes have become less affordable in 8 cities


Ahmedabad is the most affordable housing market among the top 8 cities with an average household paying 23% of its income in EMI


The City of Joy in eastern India has households paying 26% of its income in EMI


Like Kolkata, an average household in Pune pays 26% of its income in EMI


In India's IT hub, an average household pays 28% of its income in EMI


Homeowners in Chennai pay 28% of their income in EMI

Delhi NCR

An average household in India's capital pay 30% of its income in EMI


In Hyderabad an average household pays 31% of its income in home EMI


In this costliest Indian city, an average household pays 55% of its total income in EMI. The ratio over 50% is considered unaffordable