7 best stock market movies every investor must watch

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Nov 17, 2023

Inside Job

A documentary on the 2008 global financial crisis, featuring key finance figures and Matt Damon's narration. It won an Academy Award for Best Document

Too Big to Fail

Based on the book by NYT report Andew Ross Sorkin, this film puts the spotlight on 2008 financial crisis & centres around Treasury Secretary Paulson

The Big Short

Another film portraying the 2008 financial crisis, showcasing those who predicted it, bet against the big investment banks, exposing systemic failures

The Wolf of Wall Street

Depicts rise & fall of stockbroker Jordan Belfort played by Leo DiCaprio, exposing financial market loopholes fraud, & destructive impact of greed

Rogue Trader

The film is a true story about a derivatives trader who, taking excessive risks, causes the downfall of the bank where he worked

Boiler Room

The film, directed by Ben Younger and released on February 18, 2000, revolves around Seth Davis, a college dropout seeking success and wealth

Wall Street

A classic finance movie directed by Oliver Stone, exploring the greed and excess associated with Wall Street

Margin Call

A thought-provoking drama directed by JC Chandor, this fictional movie explores a day in the lives of investment bankers leading up to the 2008 crisis

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