10 highest paying tech jobs in 2024

By Editorji News Desk
Published on | Feb 02, 2024

Robert Half report

As per HR consulting firm Robert Half, IT job salaries range from an average $95,000 to $201,000 a year

IT Director

IT Director is responsible for developing IT strategies and solutions for the organization. Average Salary: $201,308/year

Network Security Engineer

Network security engineers implement, maintain and integrate WAN, LAN and server architecture. Average Salary: $160,826/year

ERP Integration Manager

ERP integration manager leads an organisation's enterprise resource planning systems, troubleshooting day-to-day issues. Average Salary: $139,688/year

Network/Cloud Architect

Network/cloud architects plan, design and upgrade network and cloud environments. Average Salary: $136,434/year

Senior Web Developer

The role develops specifications for web-based applications and provides assistance to web administrators. Average Salary: $124,643/year

Software Engineer

Software engineers create software for computers, applications, network control systems among others. Average Salary: $118,565/year

Network/Cloud Engineer

They are responsible for the execution, design, upkeep and day-to-day support of network and cloud services. Average Salary: $107,903/year

Database Developer

Database developers set up and maintain servers with the database architecture. Average Salary: $99,965/year

Help Desk Support Manager

Help desk support managers provide assistance to employees or clients having issues in IT services. Average Salary: $95,015/year

Data Security Analyst

This role required knowledge of trend in security and government regulations. Average Salary: $92,552/year